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Our law firm specializes in servicing transactions and investments in real estate and in areas closely associated with real estate issues. We have years of experience in providing legal services to development projects, investment in infrastructure and comprehensive services to the building process.

Examine and regulate the legal status of real property

  • Performing legal audits of real estate (due diligence),
  • Property division and merging,
  • Making changes in local land use plans,
  • Setting up and abolishing charges on property ( easement, perpetual usufruct, mortgage ),
  • Advising on various re-privatization issues, issues resulting from the expropriation of property by Decree from 1945,
  • Conversion perpetual usufruct to the property,
  • Advising on matters relating on conversion perpetual usufruct to the property and the amount of duty charges,
  • Establishment land registry.

Design work and construction processes

  • Obtaining all of administrative decisions necessary to begin construction, negotiations contracts with general constructors,
  • Drafting project of contracts for investors in construction process, in particular relating on designing, performance, supervision, guarantees in the investment process and the preparation of tenders in this regard,
  • Preparation and negotiation of investor in the construction process, a general contractor, developer agreements, FIDIC type contracts,
  • Preparation documents in the field of supervision of investment performance guarantees.

Acquisition and sale of property, obtaining finance to management project

  • Advising and prepare legal opinion relating on application of law in the acquisition and exercise of ownership and perpetual use,
  • Participation in the negotiations aimed at the establishment, amendment or termination of legal relations,
  • Acquisition of properties in auctions, as part of bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings and in enforcement proceedings,
  • Licensing for real estate acquisition by foreigners,
  • Legal support of investment projects in agricultural properties, representation of Polish and foreign investors,
  • Commercialization of the property and obtain all permits and approvals related thereto,
  • Preparation of real estate sales contracts and agreements of finance the investment, and financing the purchase of security,
  • Resolving disputes does not comply with agreements related to the acquisition of real property,
  • Preparation pleadings, drafts of agreements and all kinds of documents,
  • Preparation contracts in the field of real estate brokerage and property management services,
  • Drafting and negotiating leases and leases commercial properties,
  • Advising on acquisition of properties in auctions, as part of bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings,
  • Advising on commercialization properties.

Property rental and leases

  • Drafting leases agricultures properties and leases commercial properties,
  • Preparations opinion in the field of projects agreements,
  • Participation in negotiations with contractor,
  • Resolving disputes resulting from the lease or rental agreements.

Renewable energy and investments in infrastructure

Our lawyers have a great knowledge and a broad experience in providing legal services for infrastructural investments in particular connected with electricity from renewable sources, road construction, extraction of energy resources and energy trading.

  • Comprehensive analysis with indicating the opportunities and risks associated with planned investment,
  • Conducting legal due diligence within acquisition ready-made investment,
  • Legal analysis of real estate, on which will be conduct the investments,
  • Assistance in obtaining all of administrative decisions and approvals necessary to begin construction,
  • Preparation and negotiation contracts relating to rights to the land, for example leases of real, the establishment and operation of transmission easements,
  • Establishment special purpose companies for project implementation,
  • Assistance in assistance in obtaining financing,
  • Investors in the acquisition or sale of ready - made infrastructure project,
  • Representing Clients before the President of the Energy Regulatory Office in disputes associated with the connection of wind turbines to the grid,
  • Representing Clients in antitrust proceedings conducted by the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer,
  • Negotiating contracts for the sale of green certificates and electricity sales contracts.


We specialize in providing legal services to entities operating in the property market, in particular housing cooperatives, developers, general contractors of investments, investors and funds investing in real estate.

  • Current legal service
  • Support of Board meetings, meetings of the Supervisory Board, the General meetings,
  • Preparation of the draft resolutions, statutes, regulations,
  • Cooperative rights to premises, contributions, transformations in the law of separate property,
  • Legal services for new investments by housing cooperatives, the conclusion in this regard, the principles of accounting,
  • Regulation of the rights to land cooperative
  • Agreements with the contractors of construction and renovation, claims related to the execution, defaulted or undue execution of contracts,
  • Conduct of judicial and administrative proceedings in the field of cooperative law,
  • Vindication of rent in cooperatives and housing communities.